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In 1994, a group of people met, interested in finding a way to support Mount Vernon Christian School by providing funds to the school to support affordable Christian education. They formed a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, independent of the school, with the intention of operating a thrift store and giving the net proceeds to Mount Vernon Christian School. 
The name Bargains Galore Thrift Store was chosen and a building on South Second Street in Mount Vernon was leased. In October 1994, a staff of all volunteers opened at this location. The store remained there until lack of space made the purchase of land and construction of a new building necessary. After breaking new ground, the current store location opened January 2011.
The mission of Bargains Galore Thrift Store, a non profit organization, is to provide funds to Mount Vernon Christian School to make Christian education more affordable.
Donations drive our store and make sure we can provide affordable product for the local community and meet our goal of easing tuition expenses. With a friendly and knowledgeable team, you can be sure your donations are given a new lease on life. We accept donations from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM every Tuesday - Saturday. Donation hours may vary depending on the volume of donations received during our hours of operation. ​​​​​​​
If you are curious about the inner workings of a thrift store or just want to be a part of a great team, we would love to have you as a volunteer. This also helps to ensure our prices stay affordable. So, stop in the store or fill out our online application below.
Thank you! We will be in touch with you shortly.